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Allyson H

“Hi Victor, I thought I’d drop you a note. In Jan 2010, you and your partner picked up my 15 year old son Trevor from the county hospital in Martinez and took him, via Oakland Airport, to Redcliff Ascent (LV airport, more accurately). He spent 99 days in the wilderness, 9 months at an RTC outside of Provo called Discovery Ranch, and 9 months in a therapeutic boarding school, treating severe depression, substance abuse and other issues. He has been out of treatment for 2 years now, sober for 3 yrs and 8 months, and is a college student and LOVING it. He still struggles periodically but now has the tools to deal with it in a healthy way – not by using drugs, cutting and trying to run away. This past July, we went back to Utah for a visit, and Trevor addressed the boys currently at Discovery Ranch. Trevor sometimes will mention how you two dealt with him during the 1st day of his odyssey – that you were kind, empathetic, and you fed him Burger King. Thanks for what you do. No parent ever wants or thinks they’ll need your services, but when we do, it’s nice to have such a reputable, conscientious firm to work with. At one point, you asked me to update you on Trevor’s progress – I’m happy to report – so far, so good. Thanks again”.

Cathleen B

“We have needed transport for our child two times. The first time went so well with Youth Intervention Transport Services, that we immediately chose them the second time. Victor handles all the details and makes it so easy on the parents. Victor and his staff who transport the child are the nicest, most family-oriented people you could know! Right away, we knew our child was with people with hearts of gold and our son was actually happy to see their familiar faces the second time. I highly recommend Youth Intervention Transport Services”.


“I just returned from visiting Michael. He is in good hands and I believe will be getting the strong male guidance he is desperately needing in
his life. Attached are pictures of the Boys Ranch. I received your invoice and saw the discount you extended to me. I REALLY appreciate this. Your support beyond just the business contract is amazing. You’re a good man, Victor. The world needs more men like you! I wish you all the best and will without hesitation recommend you to families in need of your services”.

Ruth Ellen

“Thank you Victor,I know today is a busy day for you. I wanted to let you know Joe is doing pretty good. Thankfully most of the kids aren’t home and I can patiently handle all the issues that come up. I know he learned a bunch. He has a much better handle on his communication skills. We will work on an education plan this week. I need a personal assistant and think you should come and keep all my boys straight. tee hee. Seriously, wish I had one of you. Joe connected with you. He even told his sister he “bonded” with you. Thank you thank you thank you. I am going to encourage him to keep in touch with you. The experience was incredibly intense and after telling his friends of his experience, he has a sense it was too big of a program for his little offenses. He said the other kids had been to many programs before that one. I said….your first and your last. Wonder if he expected me to wait till he was arrested or passed out high as a kite somewhere. Victor, from the first hug when you came to pick up Joe (the worst day of my life) I knew I could trust you even more than I thought through the conversations we had. Your service is ……fantastic, incredible, wonderful. Such a crappy time in life dealing with that and to have you on our side makes all the difference. Thank you again and again”.

Molly Barron

“You have provided us with many urgently needed resources to support our Zach; none proved to be more important to me than your recommendation to contact Youth Intervention Transport Services. At a time of great emotional pressure and distress for me, Victor Lopez performed with extraordinary competence and sensitivity. As you know, the logistics of moving Zach out of our home last Saturday morning were complicated, and I felt that the stakes involved in getting this right were very high. Victor’s patience, calmness, and flexibility went far beyond what I expected. He listened; he advised; he delivered on everything that our family needed. He promised that he would treat my son as if he were his son. He made good on that promise”.

Barbara K

“Hi Victor. On Tuesday, January 26, you and a co-worker picked up my 16 year old son Gavin from the UCLA
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Hospital in Westwood CA and drove him to Las Vegas, where Redcliff Ascent picked him up. (You may remember him as the kid who asked to see paperwork authorizing him to get in the car with you….) At the time you said that you and Gavin had a good talk and that you wanted to receive an update on him. So here you go:

Gavin graduates from Redcliff in 10 days, on May 3, after 98 days there. His therapist there said that Gavin was a real challenge at first – he is highly intelligent and verbal, and loves to talk and intellectualize everything. It took the therapist awhile to break through, but he now says that Gavin is doing really well – using his intelligence as a leader on his team and to help others, not just to defend himself like before. His letters home are now very positive, and showing real pride in his accomplishments (fire patch, being “knifed” – which means that the staff trusts the kid enough to be awarded a knife, etc). It is really great to see…

We have enrolled Gavin in a residential treatment center near Salt Lake City called Discovery Ranch – run by the same folks who do Redcliff. They have some really innovative programs that we think Gavin will like and benefit from. His therapist thinks that Gavin is now stable enough but my husband and I will need your help this time again! My husband and I will like you to drive him from Southern Utah to Discovery Ranch. We are looking forward to seeing our son again after more than 3 months.

Thanks for all your help during a very trying time in our family. I have very high hopes for Gavin’s continued recovery and what I hope will be a bright future. I will tell Gavin that I passed along an update to you – also bless your kind heart, My husband and I our thankful that you two”bonded” during the long drive to Las Vegas, thank you for your compassion towards our son…

Thanks again”.

Russ Owen

“Dear Victor, First off, we wanted to inform you our daughter is safe and in the facility receiving care she needed so desperately. My wife and I felt so peaceful after talking with you and the actual transport team, we just had to write this testimonial. This was a very stressful and extremely emotional time for us, having to find a transport service and dealing with the “fair negotiations & no return calls” of other services. This “style” of other companies just escalated our fears. No talks of how we are or seemingly any concern for our child, just price, pay now and leaving us feeling very concerned. We can honestly say, out of the 6 calls we made to services similar yours, only a few actually called us back. The “other” call backs made us feel extremely uncomfortable. Seemingly wanting to beat everyone else’s price and didn’t sound like our daughter’s well being was any part of the process. In fact it wasn’t part of any talks, it was price, how we would pay and book it now. One didn’t even ask if our child was a boy or girl, just leaving us feeling extremely stressed and bewildered.

You sir, promptly called us back and actually took the time to calm down dad and wanted to know our daughters story. This before any talks of price or even trying to sell us anything. Genuinely concerned over our families well being. After talking with you, we felt not only were you a good man, but truly wanted to help, caring deeply for my family and daughters safety. Yes you were very competitive, but your time and energy was way beyond the call of duty. Then, you had your actual transport team call us, which were equally as pleasant and caring. Wonderful folks, asking our story, wanting to know all about our daughter. Real, heart-felt and wonderful humans. We were just stunned at you and your teams level of service, but that is not the proper explanation of what you provide. Service at times is so impersonal, you helped us in a very troubling and stressful time. You and the team made us feel comfortable, were honest, compassionate and are truly good people. My wonderful daughter became your precious transport, not just a dollar and a “fair” in a busy booking schedule. My wife and I would highly recommend your services to any family needing transport. Again, we dislike defining what you provide families as a service, to us, it was so much more.

Thank you and God bless you and your family! R. Owen”.

Tanya and Kenn

Dear Fellow Parents:

“It took us year and a half to finally make this decision. We knew that we were losing our son. He needed significant help, it was clear that the only path forward was placement in controlled, supportive and far more regimented environment than we could create in our home. Finding the right school with a program and the right people was only half of the task. It was clear he wouldn’t go voluntarily, and just the thought of having him “kidnapped” in the middle of the night for transport by strangers put us into extreme distress and anxiety.
The night of the intervention (and for about a week before) we couldn’t sleep out of fear that something would go wrong, would our son stay in the house that night, would there be a huge fight with the transport team, would he resist and get hurt. It was 4:30 am, I was shaking like an autumn leaf and couldn’t think straight anymore. I texted Victor that I was already outside the house waiting for our 5am planned intervention, he texted me back immediately that they were 10 minutes away. The minutes draged. Victor and his associates arrived, 3 clean cut professionally dressed, very athletic, large, but kind looking gentlemen. I felt a little better, we did a final review of the logistics that we had already clearly discussed: brief introduction and let them do their job. I asked to give my son one last hug and kiss they said Ok.
The intervention was so smooth and painless that I couldn’t believe it. Ten minutes later with no noise, no aggression & absolutely no confrontation my son was on the way to his new journey and an opportunity to heal. Our families’ future was looking promising and hopeful for the first time in months!
Dear Victor and crew thank you so much for helping us at a most difficult moment in our lifes. Thank you for making it so much easier that we could ever have imagined. Thank you for opening new horizons to our lost son. Your team is kind, graceful, gentle and wholly professional. We are highly recommending you to so many of our friends that also suffer with great kids that are not on the right path.
Please feel free to have other families speak to us and you can share our contact information as a reference or for families that struggled like ours with the execution step of getting help.”
God Bless you !

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