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Youth Intervention Transport Services, LLC is usually a last resort for parents to transport their adolescents to a safe and fresh start to a better beginning. Being a last resort doesn’t mean it is a negative choice but a safe choice. Using a qualified professional can be a good experience for a youth. Please give us the opportunity to help you help give your adolescent a brighter and better future. Put your adolescent in the hands of Youth Intervention Transport Services, LLC.

The experiences of other families will often reveal itself in some form to your family or someone you know. Education and communication are important factors for prevention, but they are not always enough. Knowing when to call Youth Intervention Transport Services may ultimately make the difference in your family’s future and your adolescent’s life.

Escort and Transport

Every family has a different scenario, yet most have a common goal: a successful transport and ultimate treatment of a beloved family member. The key to our success is in the communication, planning and attention to detail provided by our expert staff.

Security Work

Security Services are not limited to youth transport. Our professional team is also available for personal security and private events. Our staff is courteous, professional and all members are licensed and bonded.

Runaway Location

A runaway adolescent is, simply said, a parents worst nightmare. Our primary goal is to locate and return your adolescent home safely. Beyond the physical return of your adolescent, our team members are highly skilled in addressing the additional physical and emotional trauma that often accompanies a runaway home.

Crisis Intervention

Failure is not an option. As parents, we are not always equipped or able to “fix” every situation that arises. Emotions and tempers can escalate causing more damage to family relationships. The experts at Youth Intervention Transport Services, LLC are highly trained and skilled in both Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution. We let you step back, while we step in, so your lives can move forward.

Conflict Resolution

A “Last Chance” effort to resolve conflict and behavioral issues without transport to a facility. Our highly trained staff will mediate, communicate, devise and enforce a contract between the parents and adolescent.

Buddy System

The Buddy & Aftercare program is designed to help the adolescent before or after being transported, by diffusing such defiant behavior and building a trust relationship with the Youth. Throughout the many years of our existence, our experienced staff has dealt with a variety of troubled youths.

Aftercare Support Program

Returning home after treatment is only the beginning. Transition back to “home life” can often be difficult and may have a few bumps in the road. Our team of experts is available to provide continued support to your family. Whether a consult or in home visit, our professionally trained support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Presentations Services

Presentations are available to both the public and private sector. Intimate home settings as well as large audiences at schools or community centers, allow our experts to help parents look for warning signs, offer strategies and answer questions

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