Our Goal is not only to help Reunite Parents with their loved ones but to SAVE A LIFE!

Youth Transport Services

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Crisis Intervention & Conflict Resolution

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Welcome to Youth Intervention

The Lifeline for Youths at Risks

Our record locating and transport staff is a diverse group of men and women who have extensive experience serving a wide variety of clients. Youth Intervention motivates, Strengthens, and enlightens all the youths we transport with the assistance and cooperation of their parents. We enjoy the trust of community leaders, parents and educational professionals as the “lifeline of hope” for adolescents at risk.

We support the Shamrock Way charity with 10% of our proceeds going directly to at risk youth. Find out more at www.shamrockway.org

Escort & Transport

Every family has a different scenario, yet most have a common goal: a successful transport and ultimate treatment of a beloved family member.

Conflict Resolution

A “Last Chance” effort to resolve conflict and behavioral issues without transport to a facility. Our highly trained staff will mediate, communicate, devise and enforce a contract between the parents and adolescent.

Runaway Location

A runaway adolescent is, simply said, a parents worst nightmare. Our primary goal is to locate and return your adolescent home safely. Beyond the physical return of your adolescent.

Aftercare Support

Returning home after treatment is only the beginning. Transition back to “home life” can often be difficult and may have a few bumps in the road. Our team of experts provide continued support to your family.

Security Work

Security Services are not limited to youth transport. Our professional team is also available for personal security and private events.

Buddy System

The Buddy & Aftercare program is designed to help the adolescent before or after being transported, by diffusing such defiant behavior and building a trust relationship with the Youth.

Who We are

Youth Intervention Transport is usually a last resort for parents to transport their adolescent to a safe and fresh start to a better beginning.

What We Do

At pick up, during transition, or at drop off, your adolescent will be watched and cared for with the utmost patience and understanding

It’s all about family

Even though some adolescents may be willing to get help, others will go under false pretneses creating the need for a transport

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It all begins with trust

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